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Announcing gRPC Support in NGINX

Today, we’re excited to share the first native support for gRPC traffic within NGINX. If you’re as keen as we are, you can pull the snapshot...
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Log4j 2.11 released

The Apache Log4j 2 team is pleased to announce the Log4j 2.11 release! Apache Log4j is a well known framework for logging application behavi...
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NDB Cluster and disk columns

NDB is mainly an In-memory database. We have however also the possibility tostore non-indexed columns on disk. This data uses a page cache a...

Partial LCPs and Read-only tables

In MySQL Cluster 7.5 we use Complete Checkpoints. In MySQL Cluster 7.6we implement an approach where we only checkpoint a part of the databa...

Partial LCPs and disk space

One of the main objectives of the new Partial LCP algorithm in MySQLCluster 7.6 is to keep up with the development of modern HW.I have alrea...

MySQL 8.0: It Goes to 11!

MySQL has over the years grown into a considerable family of products and components. Years ago, someone running MySQL would typically have...
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