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CrazyToon has passed away

A former Parabola contributor, CrazyToon, has passed away earlier today, December 26th at 4:40 AM UTC, at the age of 60. On September 30th,...

Continuation of i686 support

As part of our community's heightened interest in platforms amenable to user freedom, Parabola will continue supporting the i686 port for th...

Kernels deprecation

The following packages have been removed from the [kernels] repository: linux-libre-apparmor linux-libre-xen linux-libre-nand linux-libre-au...

New OpenRC and LXDE ISOs

Since a considerable amount of Parabola developers and users prefer to use the OpenRC init system instead of Systemd, which is the default,...

Perl library path change

The perl package now uses a versioned path for compiled modules. This means that modules built for a non-matching perl version will not be l...

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