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Microweber Website Builder

Microweber is an open-source website builder, CMS, and online store built on top of the Laravel and Bootstrap. It aims to allow non-technica...
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Laravel 5.6.19 Released

Laravel version 5.6.19 was released yesterday with support for multiple CC, BCC, and Reply-To recipients. Also, the Optional class now imple...
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Laravel Log Enhancer Package

The Laravel Log Enhancer is a package for Laravel 5.6 adds additional data to your Laravel logs. Thanks to Laravel’s logging updates that sh...
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Laravel Excel 3.0

Laravel Excel is a package by Maatwebsite that makes working with spreadsheets easy. It’s been out since 2013 and just recently released ver...
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Parsedown v1.7.0 is released

The Parsedown team recently released v1.7.0 to address an XSS issue that caused the SensioLabs Composer vulnerability check to fail. Visit L...
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Spark 6.0 Is Now Available

Laravel Spark 6.0 is now available and this is one of the biggest updates yet. Some of the features of this release include localization, pe...
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Laravel Model Caching

You’ve probably cached some model data in the controller before, but I am going to show you a model caching technique that’s a little more g...

Introducing Heroicons UI

Designer extraordinaire Steve Schoger has released a new icon set called Heroicons UI. A the time of writing, this collection comprises 104...

Building a Vue SPA with Laravel

Vue router is a beautiful extension for building single page applications (SPA) with Vue.js. This tutorial will show you how to get up and r...

TablePlus Relational Database GUI

TablePlus is a databases application GUI for many database engines. At the time of writing, it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift,...

Laracon US 2018 is Announced

The Laracon US 2018 site is now live and the early information is available for the event. It will be held in Chicago Illinois, July 25-26,...

Announcing Laracon Australia 2018

On the Laravel News Podcast #50, Michael Dyrynda announced Laracon’s first trip “down under” in October 2018. I was able to catch up with Mi...

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