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Kodi v18 Leia - The story so far

Around November 2017 the team decided that v17 Krypton was mature enough to start with the release steps and as such it was branched off fro...

Kodi for the Xbox One

Let us end the year 2017 with a blast including a nostalgic reference to the past. It has long been asked for by so many and now it finally...

Beware Killer Kodi Boxes!

According to recent press, "Kodi boxes" can KILL .Okay, to be specific (and perhaps a touch less alarmist), the power supplies on cheap, unt...

Kodi v17.6 final: The very last

We are happy and sad at same time to announce that this will be the last v17.x release. When we say very last this, of course, only means fo...

Devcon 2017 Part II - Day Three

The final day of Devcon - still lots to get through, although, for the sake of some team members, we might need to speak slowly and quietly....

Devcon 2017 Part II - Day Two

Day Two dawns... most people are bright-eyed and ready for another day, although, if I'm honest, some people may be here more in body than i...

Devcon 2017 Part II - Day One

Well, 2017 has turned out to be unusual, and we're not just talking world politics. This year, we've managed to bring the newly-extended tea...

GSOC 2017 Update - Wayland Support

Finally, we turn to Philipp, who is working to upgrade the Kodi windowing system in Linux from X11 to Wayland. As a PR is already posted, we...
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