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Bootstrap 4.1.1

We’re a few weeks out from v4.1 and we have our first patch release of Bootstrap 4! It’s a straightforward set of bug fixes and build tool q...

Bootstrap 4.1

Two months ago we shipped the first major release of Bootstrap 4 and we’re thrilled y’all love the latest release and our brand new themes s...

Bootswatch 4 officially arrives

The official release of Bootstrap 4 finally arrived this past January, and with that came a nice update to the Bootswatch themes .Check out...

New Bootstrap themes

Just over a month ago, we shipped the long awaited Bootstrap 4 stable release. With a brand new codebase designed to better support customiz...
Bootstrap Framework

Learn CSS Grid with Grid Garden

I’ve released a new game for learning CSS grid called Grid Garden .CSS grid brings columns and many other powerful layout features that we’v...
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Bootstrap 4 Alpha 4

Alpha 4 is here to address those pesky build and package errors, a few CSS bugs, and some documentation inconsistencies we introduced in our...
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Changes to Bootswatch API

If you’re using the Bootswatch API, please update your request to https://bootswatch.com/api/3.json . The old endpoint will cease to exist o...
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Introducing Darkly

Since the release of Flatly, Bootswatch has gotten lots of requests for a dark version. Well today I’m thrilled to announce Darkly . As you...
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Grab HTML Snippets from Bootswatch

Now it’s quicker than ever to grab HTML snippets from Bootswatch. Simply hover over a component, click the button in the top-right corner, a...
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