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[extension] akiraz2/yii2-stat

Yii2 Multi Web Statistic Module ¶ Features Installation Usage Development Support Contributing Licensing NOTE: Module is in initial developm...
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Apache MXNet 1.2.0 Release is out!

Today Apache MXNet community announced the 1.2 release of the Apache MXNet deep learning framework. The new capabilities in MXNet provide th...

Evolving Mission of Jenkins

Lately, perhaps subtle but exciting changes are starting to happen in the Jenkins project. The past few weeks have seen the birth of two new...
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Closure on enumerators in Pipeline

While at Jenkins World, Kohsuke Kawaguchi presented two long-time Jenkins contributors with a "Small Matter of Programming" award: Andrew Ba...
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Security updates for Jenkins core

We just released security updates to Jenkins, versions 2.95 and 2.89.2, that fix two security vulnerabilities. For an overview of what was f...
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FOSDEM 2018!

FOSDEM 2018 is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. It is an annual event that brings open source cont...
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Jenkins User Conference China

This is a guest post by Forest Jing, who runs the Shanghai Jenkins Area Meetup I am excited to announce the inaugural Jenkins User Conferenc...
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Take the 2017 Jenkins Survey!

This is a guest post by Brian Dawson on behalf of CloudBees, where he works as a DevOps Evangelist responsible for developing and sharing co...
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Happy New Year!

Jenkins project congratulates all users and contributors with the New Year! Let’s take a look at some changes this year. Highlights We relea...
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[extension] cozumel/yii2-twemoji

Yii2 Twemoji ¶ Installation Usage CSS A simple way to add Twemoji support to your Yii2 project. Installation ¶ The preferred way to install...
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[extension] chiliec/yii2-vote

Vote for Yii2 ¶ Installation Documentation List of contributors Other vote solutions for Yii2 Articles and tutorials Usage examples License...
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Node v10.2.1 (Current)

Notable Changes This is a follow up release to fix two regressions that were introduced in v10.2.0. Commits [ 2a9c83321b ] - http : fix res...
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yaxim: Updated yax.im Policies

As users of a service, you have a right to know which data the service is storing about you and how it is using that data. Starting tomorrow...

Languages are Hard

Comprenez vous? ¿Entiende usted? Voce entende? Apakah anda mengerti?’ Voice interfaces hold so much promise because of their ease of use. Bu...
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Martin Pitt: Privacy Statement

Scope of This Notice This Privacy Statement is intended to describe this web site’s privacy practices and provide information about the choi...
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