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Hinter dem Horizont

Können Sie die Unkenrufe noch hören? Seit einer gefühlten Ewigkeit geistert milde Untergangsstimmung durch die deutschen Unternehmen, wenn d...
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EspoCRM 5.1.2 released

Enhancements: Auth Log: Login history available for the administrator; Authentication: Parameter ‘Only one auth token per user’; Authenticat...
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EspoCRM 5.0.5 released

Enhancement: Supporting Print to PDF for all entity types. Bug fixes: Calendar dashlet not displaying; ACL is not applied to chart dashlets;...

EspoCRM 5.0.4 released

Enhancements & Improvements: Chart dashlets: Date filter ranges; Export: Link-multiple fields support. All issues: https://github.com/espocr...
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EspoCRM 5.0.0 released

Enhancements: Group Email Accounts: Ability to use for mail sending; Mass Email: Ability to use group SMTP account; Markdown: Supporting lis...

Sync EspoCRM with 80+ apps!

Since you’re a savvy EspoCRM user, I’m willing to make the bet you’re also using a couple of other SaaS cloud apps, maybe one for email mark...
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