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Atom 1.27

Atom 1.27 brings numerous improvements to your Git and GitHub workflows, including support for multiple co-authors, separate amend and undo,...

Electron 2.0.0

After more than four months of development, eight beta releases, and worldwide testing from many apps' staged rollouts, the release of Elect...
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Atom 1.26

Atom 1.26 has been released on our stable channel and includes GitHub package improvements, fuzzy-finder support for Teletype and file syste...

Webview Vulnerability Fix

A vulnerability has been discovered which allows Node.js integration to be re-enabled in some Electron applications that disable it. This vu...

Atom 1.25

Atom 1.25 has been released on our stable channel and includes GitHub package improvements, improved syntax highlighting and code folding, P...

Atom 1.24

Atom 1.24 has been released on our stable channel and includes read-only TextEditors, asynchronous context menus, and automatic scrolling on...

Website Hiccups

Last week the electronjs.org site had a few minutes of downtime. If you were affected by these brief outages, we're sorry for the inconvenie...
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The State of Atom’s Performance

Our original goal in building Atom was to create the most hackable text editor that we could imagine. This overarching goal shaped Atom’s ar...

Atom 1.23

Atom 1.23 is now available on the stable channel and includes a new feature for packages to register URI handlers, the ability to register h...
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Atom 1.22

Today’s release of Atom 1.22 includes a number of fixes to performance and usability.

The Icon Journey

Summary of feedback about the new icons and next steps Read the full article

Atom 1.21

Today’s release of Atom 1.21 features Language Server Protocol support, the first of many deeper language integration features, which we’re...

Chromium RCE Vulnerability Fix

A remote code execution vulnerability has been discovered in Google Chromium that affects all recent versions of Electron. Any Electron app...
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Project of the Week: Jasper

This week we interviewed the creator of Jasper, an Electron-based tool for managing GitHub notifications. Hello! Who are you? I'm Ryo Maruya...
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Project of the Week: WebTorrent

This week we caught up with @feross and @dcposch to talk about WebTorrent, the web-powered torrent client that connects users together to fo...
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Touch Bar Support

The Electron 1.6.3 beta release contains initial support for the macOS Touch Bar. The new Touch Bar API allows you to add buttons, labels, p...
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Project of the Week: Voltra

This week we met with Aprile Elcich and Paolo Fragomeni to talk about Voltra, an Electron-powered music player. What is Voltra? Voltra is a...
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Project of the Week: Dat

This week's featured project is Dat, a grant-funded, open source, decentralized tool for distributing data sets. Dat is built and maintained...
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