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SSL Encryption at ProxySQL Part 1

As we all know, MySQL supports using SSL to secure connections by encrypting the data in transit and protecting it from snooping on the wire...
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A Perl module for better debugging

It's occasionally useful to have a block of Perl code that you use only for debugging or development tweaking. That's fine, but having block...
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4.9.95: longterm

Version: 4.9.95 (longterm) Released:2018-04-20 Source: linux-4.9.95.tar.xz PGP Signature: linux-4.9.95.tar.sign Patch: full ( incremental )...

Gunnar Wolf: 15.010958904109589041

Gregor's post made me think... And yes! On April 15, I passed the 15-year-mark as a Debian Developer. So, today I am 15.010958904109589041 y...

Kees Cook: UEFI booting and RAID1

I spent some time yesterday building out a UEFI server that didn’t have on-board hardware RAID for its system drives. In these situations, I...
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Rhonda D'Vine: Diversity Update

I have to excuse for being silent for that long. Way too many things happened. In fact I already wrote most of this last fall, but then some...

Nick Cameron: Dev-tools in 2018

This is a bit late (how is it the middle of April already?!), but the dev-tools team has lots of exciting plans for 2018 and I want to talk...

Gregor Herrmann: 10 years + 1 day

yesterday 10 years ago I became a Debian Developer. & I still feel that I belong to this community. & it took me one more day to write this...
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Everything is shiny!

HiA quick retrospective into last year2017 was an amazing year for SuperTuxKart, we had tremendous support from our community to Greenlight...
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Qt Creator 4.6 RC released

We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 4.6 RC! Since the beta release we have been busy with bug fixing. Please refer to the bet...
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