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Arch Linux (or Arch /ˈɑːrtʃ/)[3] is a Linux distribution for computers based on x86-64 architectures.[4]

Arch Linux is composed predominantly of free and open-source software,[5] and supports community involvement.[6]

The design approach of the development team follows the KISS principle ("keep it simple, stupid") as the general guideline, and focuses on elegance, code correctness, minimalism and simplicity, and expects the user to be willing to make some effort to understand the system's operation.[7] A package manager written specifically for Arch Linux, pacman, is used to install, remove and update software packages.

Arch Linux uses a rolling release model, such that a regular system update is all that is needed to obtain the latest Arch software; the installation images released by the Arch team are simply up-to-date snapshots of the main system components.[8]

Arch Linux has comprehensive documentation in the form of a community wiki, called the ArchWiki.[9][10][11] The wiki is widely regarded among the Linux community and ecosystem for often having the most recent information on a specific topic and being applicable beyond Arch Linux.[

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