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LXD Weekly Status #27

Introduction This past week was incredibly busy and featureful for both LXC and LXD. We landed Infinband support in LXD, alongside new confi...

A tour of containerd 1.0

We have done a few talks in the past on different features of containerd, how it was designed, and some of the problems that we have fixed a...

My week #49 in Fedora

Lets summarize some of events from the past week or two: F27 Server release On Thursday December 7th, 2017 we held Go/No-Go meeting for F27...
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WC 3.3 Image size improvements

Let’s face it, product images are a vital driving force behind sales. Combine that with thousands of WooCommerce-enabled themes out there an...

CoderDojo: 2000 Dojos ever

Every day of the week, we verify new Dojos all around the world, and each Dojo is championed by passionate volunteers. Last week, a huge mil...

DevOps, Docker, and Empathy

Just because we’re using containers doesn’t mean that we “do DevOps.” Docker is not some kind of fairy dust that you can sprinkle around you...
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